No Fear - Business leadership in the age of digital cowboys
Pekka Viljakainen

NO FEAR inspires and calls to action. It's a must-read for every leader - and anyone else who wants to succeed in a changing world.

The youth of today are more community-oriented and international than their parents could ever have dreamt of. They are the first to adopt new phenomena and inventions. They constantly generate new innovations. They use their networks to solve problems efficiently and in an innovative manner, provided their interest is piqued. As employees, leaders and customers, this generation is of vital importance to companies and their decision makers.

People who grew up with social media and mobile technologies expect their leaders to be inspiring, responsible, responsive and open. Building on their personal experience, the authors explain how to lead into the future, why it's important to consider what is good in the age-old traditions of leadership and how to utilize the younger generation's methods and tools. NO FEAR describes a change in attitude, approach and culture that is needed to succeed in a new kind of working culture.

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