Johanna Vesterinen

Great customer experiences are crucial for business success. These experiences are influenced by the brand, by products and services, and by the interactions customers have with a company. What the customer sees is the result of numerous activities happening inside the company, behind the scenes.

Delivering great experiences requires commitment, listening to customers, understanding their preferences, and engaging everybody to work towards fulfilling customer-centric goals.

This book presents a model for organizing tasks at a customer focused company. It aims to help companies create a systematic approach to delivering great customer experiences.

The book consists of theory, interviews, practical tips, resources and recommendations. It also contains evaluation material for understanding a company’s current status and identifying further improvement areas. The reader can easily pick one area for special focus at a time.

The book is meant to help leaders, customer experience professionals and anyone who may have customer experience on their agenda.

About the author

Johanna Vesterinen is the founder of XperienceFocus, a trainer, writer and consultant helping companies focus on developing delightful customer experiences. Johanna’s background is in the international business environment, where she gained expertise from both global corporate life and from businesses of various sizes in different industries.

In her career, Johanna has also been a coauthor of over ten study books, handbooks and guides, published in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

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